Welcome to the Cardio-Facio-Cutaneous (CFC) International website. If you are a newly diagnosed family, you are no longer alone in coping with CFC syndrome. We are here for you!

CFC International was established in 1999 because knowledge of this complex disorder was very limited. There was nowhere to turn to for help and support. We have changed this.
Our organization is an international network of parents and researchers. We share knowledge and experience, and provide emotional support. Additionally, we act as a clearinghouse of information on all aspects of CFC syndrome.

We hope that you share the website literature with your child’s family, medical and school staff to help them understand CFC syndrome better. We hope that you are inspired to know that there is now a plan in place and guidelines to help your child’s medical and education team bring forth the best treatments.
If you are a physician considering a diagnosis of CFC syndrome or a layperson seeking information on these disorders, we can provide you with the most comprehensive information and support.

Our organization continues to evolve. We wish to engage more families and help locate those newly diagnosed. We welcome your assistance and if you have a talent or special skill that would benefit CFC, please contact us. We rely on the assistance from many volunteers and are still in need of special skills to move our organization forward.
Thank you for taking time to visit our website. Each year we become closer by finding strength and courage in each other, knowing that we are a growing genetic family whose connection lies at the very core of human existence.

Warmest Regards,

Brenda Conger
Executive Director