List Serve & FB

Stay Connected with our online community of families through our private Facebook and Yahoo Group ListServ.

A click of a send button connects affected families from all over the world. Our ListServ is a private, cyber community of families. The ‘Family ListServ’ is a forum where families engage in open discussions on the many aspects of this disorder and its challenges as well as successes. It is an immediate educational resource for families.

Please note that the CFC Parent Facebook group is a CLOSED groups. Our content is not visible to outsiders to ensure family privacy. The intent is for families to discuss challenges they may face during their everyday lives and/or to seek advice and share successes or stories. We ask our families to be mindful when recommending people to join the groups. The groups should remain a “safe place” for our families to share and discuss topics. Most of the content shared in the Support Groups are 3rd party discussions. CFC International is not responsible for the topics or content discussed and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content. You should always consult the advice of your doctor before beginning any sort of medical treatment.

Please contact for more information on how to join our ListServ and private Family Facebook site.