Stephanie Kohler Scholarship Fund

Stephanie’s Conference Scholarship Fund provides families much needed financial help to attend the semi-annual conference. The Scholarships are based on financial need to allow a family to attend who would otherwise be unable. There are a limited number of scholarships and preference will be given to first time conference attendees. Applications are due by January 16th and scholarship award winners are notified by February 13th.  Conference registration for everyone who wishes to attend will be up on the CFC International website after March 15th.

The conference offers a great mix of medical resources, informational break out sessions which cover issues unique to dealing with such a rare syndrome and the opportunity to meet other families dealing with the challenges of CFC Syndrome.  As rare as this syndrome is, there are many great families on this CFC journey. It feels good to be around people on the same journey with similar issues and challenges, with the same love of their precious kids.  The Kohlers want every family to have the opportunity to experience all that the CFC Conference has to offer. That is why they have established Stephanie’s Conference Scholarship Fund in memory of their precious daughter, Stephanie Kohler.  Stephanie passed away at the age of 24. She lived her life with enormous joy and had a smile that lit up a room.


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